every deal is DIFFERENT…

…every client is UNIQUE

There is no “one size that fits all” when it comes to the perfect training solution. Whether you’re an army of one, or representing your entire organization we have a solution for you. Our programs are customized to meet your objectives while staying within your time and budgetary constraints. All of our programs can be delivered as live in-person workshops, or as live streaming webinars. Call one of our consultants today to learn more about our pricing, and to customize a program for you.

adults learn by DOING…

…its all about the EXPERIENCE

You can’t teach an adult. Adults learn through experience. Our workshops feature interactive case studies designed to highlight all styles of negotiation (see Wheel of Negotiation)

  • All case studies are video taped so attendees get to see and hear how they personally respond under pressure.
  • Small group size allows personal attention for EVERY attendee.
  • We use a sustained learning approach that includes pre and post workshop support to ensure lasting behavioral change for each attendee.

Find out more about our training solutions below.

The Ultimate Negotiator©
2.5 days combines cutting edge behavioral techniques, with contemporary negotiation theory

The Ultimate Challenge©
2 days, part refresher, part competition. Challenges attendees and teams to demonstrate their proficiency

The Ultimate Negotiation Strategy©
2 days, focuses on building multi-party, multi-level negotiation strategies for THEIR deals

The Ultimate Negotiator Webinar©
½ day sessions designed to deliver each segment on the Wheel of Negotiation remotely