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You get maximum engagement with minimum expense.  It’s more than a webinar; it’s a blended solution utilizing multiple forms of electronic media to increase mobility and accessibility.  The underlying principle is simple – self interest promotes engagement.  Attendees are more interested in:

  • Videos THEY’re in
  • How THEY perform
  • How issues impact THEIR deals

The program is delivered in two stages.

Pre Webinar Support Materials

Webinar DeliveryIn order to minimize costs, materials are distributed electronically from a secure and private cloud location.  Upon sign up, attendees have access to supporting materials.  Materials include directions, overview, handouts, articles, current examples, and case study preparation.  The pre-webinar work will form the foundation for the key principles discussed in the webinar.  The primary objective is to introduce information for self-directed study and post webinar reference.

  • Core principle supporting documentation
  • Handouts
  • Topical articles
  • Real life case study (WSJ, NY Times, etc.)
  • Case preparation (when necessary)

 The Live Streaming Webinar


Input– The input session is delivered via live streaming video that allows live interaction with the instructor.  The live streaming element allows attendees to ask questions and challenge assumptions in real time.  The input session serves as the setup for the case study.  The instructor covers the key principles for a specific style of negotiation.  Topics include appropriate tactical strategy, individual behaviors and roles, best practices, and current examples.  Core principles are highlighted with exercises and current examples from various industries.  This section is supported by materials distributed electronically prior to the webinar.

Case – Each case study is selected to give the attendee the opportunity to practice the core principles in a live role play.  All cases are recorded for review and feedback.  There will be 2 separate case studies for each webinar.  The 1st case study happens during the live streaming webinar.  The 2nd case study is conducted offline after the webinar.  Attendees are responsible for arranging any additional team meetings.  Case study presentation will be videotaped and uploaded into private secure cloud storage for review and feedback.  The video along with any feedback and action planning is stored in each participant’s personal library for future reference.

Feedback – The most important aspect in each attendee’s development is the opportunity to receive direct feedback on their specific performance.  Strengths and development goals are identified through the feedback process.  Feedback will be supplied by video commentary.  Feedback will be recorded and stored in the attendee’s personal library for reference.  Additional written commentary and action planning will accompany video feedback.  Feedback is delivered with every case study.

Application– The last section of the webinar will be dedicated to addressing application questions.  We will examine current issues facing the industry as well as the company.  Issues will be collected during the registration process and reviewed with sponsor for clarity and relevance.  Attendees will be prompted prior to the webinar to bring questions about current deals.

Cloud Based Learning – Benefits

With the latest advancements in technology we are able to combine the best of both worlds (physical and digital) to increase engagement with each attendee.

  • Live interaction with instructor and attendee through video streaming
  • The ability to capture and store each session for continual reference (input, case, feedback, application)
  • Personal library of content both instructor and attendee created
  • Creates additional opportunity to perfect core principles through post webinar case study and feedback
  • Greater degree of flexibility on time commitment, attendee can manage pre and post elements
  • Eliminates unnecessary cost associated with travel, meals, and materials
  • Eliminates geographical constraints

Download PDF brochure here –> The Ultimate Negotiation Webinar

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