the ultimate NEGOTIATOR

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The Ultimate Negotiator© workshop is an advanced program which provides 25 hours of intense training in tactical preparation and execution. The program combines cutting edge behavioral techniques, originally developed for the CIA, FBI, and military intelligence, with contemporary negotiation theory.

The Ultimate Negotiator© teaches participants how to use behavioral techniques including micro expressions, manipulators, illustrators, emblematic slips, verbal slips, and profiling to get inside the head of the other party. This workshop is designed specifically for commercial negotiators, not academics; therefore, emphasis is always on practical application. Information is power. Participants learn to unlock critical information about the other party’s true position and identify areas of flexibility.

Participants explore their capabilities across a range of negotiating styles represented by “The Wheel of Negotiation” (pictured here). The program is designed to help participants identify the appropriate style and align their behaviors and strategy to maximize the value of every transaction.
Case studies are videotaped for in-depth performance analysis identifying strengths and areas for immediate development.

Negotiation is a fundamental business skill!

Key objectives for The Ultimate Negotiator© include:

  • POWER – Perceive and utilize power appropriately

  • PRESSURE – Think clearly when faced with pressure

  • SILENCE – Utilize patience and silence to maximum effect

  • LISTENING – Interpreting the feelings and objectives of the other party

  • PREPARATION – Learn effective preparation and planning methods

  • TRUST – Create and maintain the climate to foster trust and relationship building

  • CONTROL – Develop a greater degree of self control over feelings and emotions

  • EXPECTATIONS – Manage the expectations of the other party

  • STRATEGY – Align actions and words with strategy

  • OPTIONS – Create compelling options that drive value

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