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Below see video examples of some of the techniques used in The Ultimate Negotiator© – download brochure

Chilling Emblematic slip – Convicted killer and professional poker player, Ernie Sherrer demonstrates the classic head shaking “Yes” while saying “No”. The most important skill in negotiation is the ability to read the other party.


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Hard Bargianing Example – Great examples of Verbal Slips, Emblematic Slips, and Manipulations. A classic Hard Bargaining style of negotiation.


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Need Another Example – Here’s more examples of Verbal Slips and Manipulators.


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Find out more about our training solutions below.

The Ultimate Negotiator©
2.5 days combines cutting edge behavioral techniques, with contemporary negotiation theory

The Ultimate Challenge©
2 days, part refresher, part competition. Challenges attendees and teams to demonstrate their proficiency

The Ultimate Negotiation Strategy©
2 days, focuses on building multi-party, multi-level negotiation strategies for THEIR deals

The Ultimate Negotiator Webinar©
½ day sessions designed to deliver each segment on the Wheel of Negotiation remotely