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The Edge Negotiation Group is the only company in the world that combines cutting edge behavioral psychology with contemporary negotiation theory to help you understand the TRUTH about Negotiation Skills. The Edge Negotiation Group offers the most advanced negotiation skills seminar available for negotiators in today’s market.

We work with experienced professionals to take their negotiation skills to the Edge. Negotiation is a fundamental business skill. People exaggerate their strengths, conceal sensitive information, and omit pertinent facts when they negotiate. Learn how to combine simple behavioral techniques with proven negotiation strategies to unlock vital information about the other party’s TRUE position, TRUE objectives, and TRUE constraints.

Negotiation Skills Seminar

The Ultimate Negotiator©

The Ultimate Negotiator© semiar is an advanced program which provides 25 hours of intense training in tactical preparation and execution.  The program combines cutting edge behavioral techniques with contemporary negotiation theory.

Negotiation Skills WheelThe  Ultimate Negotiator© teaches participants how to use behavioral techniques including micro expressions, manipulators, illustrators, emblematic slips, verbal slips, and profiling to get inside the head of the other party.  This workshop is designed specifically for commercial negotiators, not academics; therefore, emphasis is always on practical application.  Information is power.  Participants learn to unlock critical information about the other party’s true position and identify areas of flexibility.

Participants explore their capabilities across a range of negotiating styles represented by “The Wheel of Negotiation” (pictured here).  The program is designed to help participants identify the appropriate style and align their behaviors and strategy to maximize the value of every transaction.

The Ultimate Challenge©

Negotiation SeminarThe Ultimate Challenge is a 2 day seminar for up to 12 attendees.  The Ultimate Challenge provides an opportunity for attendees to demonstrate their mastery of the skills introduced and developed in “The Ultimate Negotiator”.  The challenge consists of a number of exercises and case studies that test the attendee’s comprehension and application of the core lessons from “The Ultimate Negotiator”.  The Ultimate Challenge provides additional practice through videotaped case studies and review.

Sales Negotiation Seminar AttendeeThe Ultimate Challenge completes the journey around the Wheel of Negotiation taking an in-depth look at High Dependency situations including union negotiations and internal negotiations.

The Ultimate Challenge is designed as a “team” competition to encourage engagement.  A grand prize is awarded at the end of the session to the “winning” team.

Day 1

  • Building and maintaining trust
  • Team presentations
  • Most important factor in negotiation
  • Case study 1 / review
  • High Dependency negotiations
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Preparation tools
  • Case study 2 / review
  • Milgrams “shock” study
  • Sociopath test

Day 2

  • Deception review / exercise
  • Mix challenge results
  • Hard Bargaining review
  • Case study 3 / review
  • Win Win review
  • Case study 4 / review
  • The Ultimate Challenge winner
  • Closing remarks

Find out more about our negotiation skills training solutions below.

The Ultimate Negotiator©
2.5 days (25 hours), combines cutting edge behavioral techniques, with contemporary negotiation theory

The Ultimate Challenge©
2 days, part refresher, part competition. Challenges attendees and teams to demonstrate their proficiency

The Ultimate Negotiation Strategy©
2 days, focuses on building multi-party, multi-level negotiation strategies for THEIR deals

The Ultimate Negotiator Webinar©
½ day sessions designed to deliver each segment on the Wheel of Negotiation remotely

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