Darvin Moon finished 2nd in the 2009 World Series of Poker, winning $5.18 million.  Although Darvin is an amateur, many times he demonstrated an uncanny ability to make the right call at the right time.  Sometimes he was just plain lucky.

In the video, Darvin demonstrates the power of engaging the other party.  Poker like negotiation is about obtaining information.  In the previous post I highlighted Phil Ivey’s emotional leakage as he was unable to hide his duping delight.  His outburst was triggered by a simple statement from Darvin Moon,

Your starting to climb that ladder…….

Darvin’s comment was enough to trigger a very un-Phil-Ivey-like reaction from Phil Ivey.

Information is power.  The more the other party speaks or reacts the more information you collect.  Assumptions, statements delivered as if they were fact, can be a powerful way to illicit reactions.  Your assumptions don’t have to be true.  In fact, sometimes the more ridiculous your assumption, the greater the likelihood the other party will correct you.

Assumptions unlock information, especially if you are paying attention to the reaction.  You have to plan your statements as well as identify which emotions you are expecting to see from the other party.

My next post I am going to film an actual deal as it takes place.  Not a simulation, not a case study, the real deal.  Stay Tuned.