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Viacom’s attempt to Position vs. Music Industry

February 12th Philippe Dauman, Viacmon’s president and CEO, issued the following statment: As we go forward, we are continuing to focus more on software than hardware, looking to reduce the cost structure associated with Rock Band, being selective in the … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Salary negotiations are a bit of an enigma.  They have all of the elements of a Hard Bargaining situation: Limited variables Price is the main focal point (Salary) There are usually multiple applicants vying for the same position Yet a salary … Continue reading

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Characteristics and Behaviors of High Dependency Negotiations

High Dependency negotiations are nothing more than a Collaborative Negotiation where the parties are mutually dependent upon each other.  The consequences of deadlock are often substantial.  Typical situations falling into this category are joint ventures, partnerships, union negotiations, strategic alliances, … Continue reading

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