John Edwards – another Politician that Lies

Humintell posted video clips of the John Edwards interview on ABC when he first denied the rumors of his affair and secondly denied fathering a child. Here are my comments on the John Edwards video. Which I’ve reproduced below.

I reviewed five minutes of video #1 and one minute of video #2. So here is my question, What do you see?
Here’s what I saw.
Video #1
  1. 0:42 – Watch former presidential candidate John Edwards shake his head “No” demonstrating a classic example of an cultural emblem, while simultaneously shrugging with his right hand displaying a subtle expression of his own disbelief as he tells the Interviewer he “loves his wife”.
  2. 1:39 – This time the shoulder shrug is more evident, as he denies his affair when questioned by a reporter.
  3. 3:10 – Watch as his face morphs, while he listens to the question, into a subtle expression of anger.
  4. 3:24 – My 2nd favorite moment is when, once again like a novice poker player, he shrugs as he responds “I don’t respond to these lies”. The irony of his response is almost poetry.
  5. 5:06 – He shifts in his seat displaying his obvious discomfort as the pressure of the question increases the stress level.
  6. 5:07 -There is a subtle mix of emotions that are difficult to distinguish, but there is a flash of anger before he refuses to answer the question.

Watch it, take notes, and drop a comment on what you see.

Here is the link to the original Humintell post.

Video #2

  1. 0:51 – Former presidential candidate John Edwards says, “I would welcome participating in a paternity test”, while shaking his head “No” all the while. Clearly a paternity test would not be welcome.
  2. 0:51 – With very precise wording , “I would welcome participating ……….” he carefully protects himself from saying “taking a paternity test”. Perhaps he meant he was willing to participate in someone else’s paternity test?
  3. 1:02 – Slight curling of the left corner lip revealing his contempt, head still shaking no as he states “love to see it happen”.

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