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The Ultimate Negotiator© Workshop

The Ultimate Negotiator© workshop is an advanced program which provides 25 hours of intense training in tactical preparation and execution.  The program combines cutting edge behavioral techniques with contemporary negotiation theory.

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people LIE when they negotiate…


…get the TRUTH

The Edge Negotiation Group is the only company in the world that combines cutting edge behavioral psychology with contemporary negotiation theory to help you understand the TRUTH. The Edge Negotiation Group offers the most advanced negotiation training available for negotiators in today’s market.

We work with experienced professionals to take their skills to the Edge. Negotiation is a fundamental business skill. People exaggerate their strengths, conceal sensitive information, and omit pertinent facts when they negotiate. Learn how to combine simple behavioral techniques with proven negotiation strategies to unlock vital information about the other party’s TRUE position, TRUE objectives, and TRUE constraints.

The Wheel of Negotiation


The Wheel of Negotiation is a visual representation demonstrating the relationship of the different negotiating styles across many different characteristics.    The right-hand side of the Wheel captures the distributive negotiations while the left-hand side illustrates the integrative or collaborative types of negotiations.

Additional information on the wheel of negotiation.

Negotiation Skills Training Solutions 

The Ultimate Negotiator©
2.5 days (25 hours), combines cutting edge behavioral techniques, with contemporary negotiation theory

The Ultimate Challenge©
2 days, part refresher, part competition. Challenges attendees and teams to demonstrate their proficiency

The Ultimate Negotiation Strategy©
2 days, focuses on building multi-party, multi-level negotiation strategies for THEIR deals

The Ultimate Negotiator Webinar©
½ day sessions designed to deliver each segment on the Wheel of Negotiation remotely